The property

The most significant and direct benefit to the value of residential real estate is driven by:
  Surrounding institutions or commercial centres
  The creation of new infrastructure services, particularly roads.

The site is 10 Minutes from ABC Place, 15 Minutes from Village Market and 20 Minutes from Sarit Center, which is currently being dualled. The proximity to public institutions, commercial centres, and expanding infrastructure makes the location ideal for all types of tenants.

Why Invest with Us?

We offer a very competitive real estate gross yield of 9% for unfurnished apartments and 25% for furnished apartments. BrownCap shall be managing the property post-construction, to preserve the long term value appreciation of the development and assist the investors to build their passive income portfolios.

Browncap will manage the property post construction and will remit rent to the investors, allowing them to build a passive income generating portfolio. Our focus is wholly targeted towards investors and not homeowners. We are providing investors an avenue to [a] diversify their portfolios and [b] invest in income generating property that will lead to a significant portfolio growth, especially with maintained discipline on reinvestment of rental income.

127 Kaya's location at the affluent Kitisuru suburb with access to multiple nearby facilities assures investors of high rental demand. The project is 10 minutes away from ABC place, 15 minutes from Village Market and 20 minutes from Sarit Centre, Westlands.

1 Studio
KES 2.2M Selling Price
KES 18,000 Target Rent
9% Gross Yield
1 Bedroom
KES 3.6M Selling Price
KES 28,000 Target Rent
9% Gross Yield